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Getting targeted web traffic is the single hardest thing any website owner has to do.

Business is rapidly starting to understand that the days are well and truly gone of not having something on the internet about their businesses.

But having a website is just not enough, because billions of other people and businesses have made the same discovery!

In time pasted many businesses registered business names with an 'A' the front specifically to get a head of the rest.

The internet does NOT work in alphabetical order.

So! Your business could have the fanciest website online and you could have the hottest products or services to sell. But if you do not have people, future customers or clients (traffic) viewing you website you have squat.

In the first instance, to achieve the full potential of a website a business needs to insure that the website has been built to the highest standards and the search engine optimisation (SEO) is included in the building of the website. If the website was built correctly it will rank higher in the search engines, so some of the traffic issues will have already been addressed.

Today we have hundreds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts (so called) and just about all have different opinions. But they would tell you that a good quality backlink would require a number of different factors and a backlink containing all those different factors would be the best backlink?

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Good quality Backlinks create a situation where good quality websites that are already ranking assist your website. Advertising in online directories also helps so will social media. AML offers a quality backlink in the form of a business profile website, it is free to REGISTER

The very first thing a business Small - Medium or Large needs to do is activity spend time on the business website - A website needs to be considered as a work in progress. YOUR! website is telling the WORLD about you and what you do. It is selling you brand, it is selling your products and it needs to be attracting traffic!

The follow is a short, free check list, it is understood you not going to do everything on the list but make sure you are doing everything you can to promote your businesses and get traffic.

1. Create epic content - Content attracts people more importantly good content attracts the search engines.

2. Reference and quote experts in you type of industry so they share your content.

3. Make your content easy to share with social pages like Facebook, twitter and Linkedin.

4. Every email you receive is one business, customer or client you can add to a list. Building a list is supper important. From these incoming emails you are building an instant Email subscriber traffic list - if you're not building one get doing so now!

5. Publish to facebook, linkedin, plus others like Tumblr, Flipboard, Scoop it, Sulia and Rebel Mouse.

6. Connect with niche groups on LinkedIn.

7. Pin to share boards if you don't know what they are go to Google it.

8. Keep you customers aware and involved on any current discount or special maybe a scoop that is already on the pages of your website.

9. Tap into Flip boards 80 million users by turning your information into a magazine article in 1 click

10. Target Tumblrs 90 million users.

11. Make slideshows and upload to Slide share or Yutube to target their huge internal audience.

12. Network with authorities in your business niche continually sharing their stuff on your website.

13. Tweet influential people to tell them you have created a post they might like or mentioned them and get re-tweets.

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