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AML is about Promoting Australia and Australian Businesses Online!

How Well Do We Promote Australian Businesses?

Australia My Land (AML) is a multi-tiered opportunity designed to advance business and community interests online using a unique marketing platform called Business Driver Marketing.

When using a Shopping Centre Environment style approach the AML aggressive Business Driver Marketing with the AML Business Initiative Concept helps generates Profitable Businesses, while Selling Australia.

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Business Driver Marketing;

What are good quality Online Business Drivers and how do I go about getting them?

1. WEBSITE: - You need a good Quality Working Business Website
2. ADVERTISING:- Then you need Advertise your website to drive it!
3. NETWORKING:- You must build Business Networks
4. SEO:- Your website needs Optimisation [SEO] and have Quality Backlinks
5. SOCIAL MARKETING:- AML-AM helps with Social Marketing [SMO]
6. MARKETING:- Merchandise Branding - Sell your BRAND!

A few of these drivers you might already have in place, we can provide you with the rest!

Australians are striving to buy Australian Made Products and Services


Australian Business owners are becoming much more conscious and aggressive in driving their Australian Businesses with an online presence.

The Internet is the best Business Tool, but just having a Website Is just NOT Enough!

RIGHT NOW! More than half the world’s population is online and it the figure is GROWING!

As more and more people are going to the internet to source out information and many are now shopping online and looking for businesses just like yours!.

The Questions Are?

How is your business getting the attention of all these people searching online for products, service just like yours?

How will you drive these potential customers to YOUR business website?

Your competition is potentially global so how do you get ahead and stay ahead of all you’re competitors online?

You need to be sure your website can be found by the search engines. So how do you get your business website on the first pages in the search engines or do you need to be on the first pages?

Many Aussie Business Managers are already busy just running their business workload, so how do you find the time?

Experts are popping up all over the internet offering to help! But! The question is will paying someone a lot of money, who knows nothing about your business HELP your website perform better?

These days your business website needs to be showing online in multiple positions in a number of search phrases!

The Australia My Land Business initiative IS HELPING BY PROVIDING MULTIPLE ONLINE BUSINESS DRIVERS! Some of these are;
1. FREE! Full Page Advertisements Business Profile
2. Giving your business a second Business Presence Online
3. We help you build Valuable Business Network Opportunities
4. AML generates Links from Multiple Business Drivers to Your Website

Current AML-AM Associates Promoting Their Businesses

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3. Additional Website Advertising Available

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FREE Social Marketing Web Profile     FREE AML Business Directory Listing     quality SEO and back links

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